The Babes

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Carisa, Crystal, Hannah + Tori and we’re currently seniors in colleges across the country. We met the summer before high school at volleyball practice, or some the first day of middle school, and have been friends ever since. We’re all pretty easy-going people so naturally, we’re the perfect team. And we don’t like spending more than we need.

Age: 22
School: DePaul University in Chicago
Interests: filmmaking and saving our lives with her iPhone

Age: 21
School: Santa Clara University in California
Interests: dark chocolate and passing out in the back of the car as Hannah and Carisa drive to Mexico

Age: 20
School: Northeastern University in Boston
Interests: driving long distances and finding killer vegan food along the way

Age: 21
School: Hofstra University in New York
Interests: being the girls in the window and finding the most ridiculous people on Tinder

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